Piano Moving Services by Pembroke Pines Piano Movers

We specialize in piano moving services!


Piano moving is a specialized task that should not be taken lightly. We have the best moving equipment to make your piano move as smooth as possible.

Key benefits to using our specialised piano service include:

  • We can move any type of piano using our special equipment, including our stairclimbing machine
  • We can dispose of unwanted, old or damaged pianos
  • We pride ourselves on being the specialist piano movers in South Florida
  • We have trained staff with piano moving experience
  • We use the latest technology in piano moving

Piano moving questions


Q: Can we move pianos around 45 degree turns?

A: In most cases, this is achievable by placing the piano on its side with suitable protection.

Q: Why do I need a piano mover?
Piano moving, like all trades, is a specialty in itself. The average piano weighs between 350 and 1000 pounds whereas grand pianos weigh more. The value of a piano can vary from a couple of dollars to half a million dollars depending on the make and condition. You need people that know what they are doing.

Q: How are pianos moved?

A: We

 use 2-3 people with our specialist equipment, such as piano boards, moving pads, strops, ramps, and a stair-climbing machine where needed.  

If you attempt to move a piano yourself, you risk damage to the piano and to those carrying it. The move can also take 2-50 times longer than if we move it for you.

Q: If I hire a professional mover does that mean my piano will not get damaged?
As in any move, there is always an element of risk. We do the best we can to make sure your piano is taken care of.

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